Reimagining, Redefining, and Rebuilding Higher Education & Mental Health Care

Transform the ways we teach, support and connect with students

Students today have inherited substantial social, financial, and mental health stressors, and educational institutions inherit the responsibility of changing the system to build a better future.


As we prepare students to become engaged, successful citizens in a rapidly changing, global community, I believe it is time to shift the paradigm of education: Re-imagine, re-define and re-build the mission and infrastructure of higher education institutions. 


Reimagine: Transform how we conceptualize the modern university. 

Higher education institutions as accessible active learning communities that cultivate curiosity, support the holistic development of diverse students, and celebrate difference. 


Redefine: Clarify our roles and values as educators and academic institutions. Establish priorities that meet current student needs.

The purpose of universities is to holistically educate communities of students and equip them with the skills necessary to become future thought leaders and agents of change in a global society. 


Rebuild: Broaden the scope of what and how we teach to be more supportive of holistic student needs.

Train faculty, staff and administrators. Create scalable and sustainable programs.  Rewrite mission, vision and value statements. Implement new policy. Invest in student-led innovation. Seek a deeper understanding of student needs beyond the university. Cultivate community and belonging. 

Let's work together:

Applying a diverse skill set and a fresh perspective to bring ideas to action

I am available to:

  • Consult with academic units, campus administrators, and educators to develop innovative initiatives and curricula that meet students' holistic needs.

  • Speak at engagements and write for platforms related to topics such as (but not limited to): wellbeing in higher education, innovative mental health and community programs, mental health and university students, cultivating inclusive and supportive classrooms, innovation in higher education, and positioning wellbeing as an issue of diversity, equity and inclusion. 

  • Collaborate on research projects, community organizing, and social entrepreneurship ventures surrounding mental health, wellbeing, higher education, inclusion, belonging, workplace wellness, etc. 

  • Consult on the development of occupational therapy consult services within academic institutions to provide needed student support and complement existing services. 

  • ...and more!