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Applying a diverse skill set and a fresh perspective to bring ideas to action

Consulting, development and delivery of mental health and well-being content, workshops, and curriculum across a broad range of topics and settings.


I specialize in creating evidence-based, engaging, interactive, and inclusive mental health education with a particular emphasis on the intersection of well-being and equity.

Let's work together! I'm available to:

  • Consult with companies, practices, non-profits, administrators, and educators to develop innovative mental health initiatives and education. 


  • Speak at engagements, create & lead trainings/workshops, and write for platforms related to topics such as (but not limited to):

    • Mental health and well-being in higher education

    • Prioritizing well-being at work; corporate wellness 

    • Innovative mental health programs for historically-marginalized communities

    • Cultivating inclusive and supportive classrooms, inclusive pedagogy, inclusive workplaces

    • Innovation in colleges and universities

    • The intersection of well-being, diversity, equity and inclusion

    • Inclusive identity-focused education and sex education

    • LGBTQ+ mental health

    • Expansive mental health & wellness topics


  • Collaborate on research projects, community organizing, and social entrepreneurship ventures surrounding mental health, wellbeing, higher education, inclusion, belonging, workplace wellness, LGBTQIA+ justice, and sex education. 


  • Consult on the development of occupational therapy services within academic institutions to provide needed student support and complement existing services. 


  • ...and more!

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