Curriculum Development & Teaching
Promoting Well-being | UIC​

A credit-bearing, participation-focused course which aims to enhance equitable student mental health and academic success through the study and development of supportive skills that promote self-reflection and overall well-being. 

Human Sexuality & Health Science | UIC​

An interactive, reflective course that addresses sexuality and sexual functioning across the lifespan, with particular emphasis on the intersection of sexuality, identity and health.

What students say:

"I love your teaching style and the way that you’re impacting students! Watching you use your passion to help us is super inspirational”

"Every part of my identity and experience as a human felt respected and important"

Partnerships Development Manager | Mantra Health​

Build relationships with colleges and universities to expand student access to telemental health services and digital wellness resources. 

Inclusive Classroom Initiative Faculty Fellow | UIC​

Development of an e-learning module to educate faculty about the importance of student health and give them practical strategies for promoting mental well-being in their classrooms.

Mental Health and Disability Alliance Faculty Advisor | UIC​

Support and mentor students in their initiatives to reduce stigma and prioritize mental health and disability culture on campus.  

Select Talks
Presenter | Centre for Innovation in Campus Mental Health (Ontario, Canada) 2019

Led a webinar for Canadian institutions entitled "Embedding wellness in post-secondary learning and experience" and was an invited facilitator of an international workshop for "Mental Health Innovations: Scaling for Canadian Campuses" in Toronto. 

Selected Speaker | TedxRushU "ReImagine" (Chicago, IL) 10/2019

Selected to present at an independently organized TED conference. [Talk title:  How College Fails Us: Reimagining Higher Education]

Presenter | 2nd International Conference on Wellbeing in Education Systems (Locarno, Switzerland) 11/2019

Invited to present on scholarship at the international conference, with a focus on wellbeing as an equity issue

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